Friday, November 20, 2009

Bad karma

Lets see, it's been almost 18 months since I originally posted Evolution of an Ubuntu user, but looks like they still haven't got their fucking act together.

I know a lot of you freetards out there dream of jobs where you can work on Linux, write code for Linux, and pen flowery blog posts that make it up on hacker news, but let me tell you, unless you're one of the few who are hired by Redhat to contribute nothing to their bottom line and instead work on their playground sand castle known as Fedora, it's going to suck.

So anyways, I had the awesome opportunity to upgrade to Karmic. Cuz I know, like shuttleman says, every Ubuntu release is the best fucking Ubuntu release ever.

Problem #1? Using update-manager to upgrade Ubuntu from behind the firewall is ass-slow. Yep, you guessed it. They try to do something that doesn't respect http_proxy and has to time-out before progressing. What year is this? really guys? Just because Ubuntards work out of their basement, doesn't excuse you from not supporting one of the most common practices in company network environments. I mean, it took us like five years to get you to add that damn option in the installer so that it didn't choke on a fat dick trying to the apt repositories. Now this. Amateur.

And while on the subject of proxies, it looks like your new shiny empathy client doesn't support proxies. Yep, there's a bug for that. Yep that's some empathy right therr. Obviously you totally understand your users get their shit done. Otherwise you wouldn't change my default chat app that fails to download my contact list, even from a server that's behind the proxy.

Problem #2? Wee! Something about my xconfig borked during an upgrade. And now I get a fucking strobe light prompt. I know you want to always give me a challenge to get a reasonable display, but do you actually have to try to damage my eyesight? What the fuck happened to bullet proof X? oh, right maybe that was only for intrepid, because, you know why add a useful feature if you're just going to keep it around for every subsequent release and not rewrite it?

Problem #3? Google reader on firefox is crazy slow. I mean, ff3.5 on jaunty worked just fine. But it's ok, nobody uses google reader. Yep, there's a bug for that, too, with a bunch of awesome Ubuntu contributors saying "me too!" "me too!" OMFG this bug is going to get fixed if we all keep saying me too! How many users does it take to fix a bug? None, you dipshit. You need a dev that gives a fuck.

Problem #4? I'm sure pulseaudio has something to do with this, but the volume on my computer appears to have exactly 3 notches between quiet and SUPER FUCKING TRIPLE SONIC BOOM YOU WIN! Ubuntu -- damaging your senses, one sense at a time. Maybe Linux is totally awesome if you're blind and deaf, and you just connect a serial console to your ass.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, there's a bug for that. Filed in March 2008!

Ok fine, I'm totally going to schedule three work days to upgrade when Lactating Leper comes out. If only there was some calendaring app that I could use to remind me.. because as far as I can see, Evolution is actually devolving. Come on Novell! just a little more. You've almost killed it! Only a few more smacks!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Target: Lusers

Just came across this wonderful email from the Fedora Advisory Board. In it, they try to describe who they're creating the Fedora distribution for. Here are their four criteria:

  1. is voluntarily switching to Linux
  2. is familiar with computers, but is not necessarily a hacker or developer
  3. is likely to collaborate in some fashion when something's wrong with Fedora
  4. wants to use Fedora for general productivity, either using desktop applications or a Web browser
This seems like a reasonable thing to do. I mean, it's always good to try to understand your user, right? Unfortuantely, the above description fails fantastically in so many ways. Look closely, and you'll see what they're really trying to say:
  1. You're a freetard. If you're voluntarily switching to Linux, so that means you already find intrinsic value in it. Well, the software itself isn't up to par with the other stuff around, so what does Linux have that other's don't? We all know the answer to that one: freedom. But you know, the best way to improve your general purpose operating system is to build it for the tiny number of specific people who have already chosen to use your system. Everybody knows that.
  2. You don't need any support, cuz you ain't gettin' any!
  3. You can tolerate bugs, because our shit is full of bugs. You are also willing to file bug reports, only to see them linger forever. Another way of reading that is: you don't actually have a real life and you don't have anything else that you need to get done.
  4. You only need a subset of features that Windows 98 had.

Brilliant! I think they've just created a nice 4-point summary why Linux is still on the sidelines of the desktop OS battlefield.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Here's an idea

If you're a freetard, but you need to run Windows at work or something, I've got an idea for a utility that will keep you true to the cause.

Well, a mockup for it anyways. I call it kanye-freetard-notify:

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Suggestions box

I had to start using an Ubuntu box at work again, so I've got some fresh (or refreshed?) hate to unload. Since some of you seem to think I'm doing this to be constructively critical of Linux (you can think whatever the hell you want), I'll write these as if I was dropping notes into a suggestions box:

Please add a --shit-that-fucking-works flag to apt-cache search

How many hours do I have to waste wading through the monument of shit known as the debian package repository? I cringe to think of all the hours wasted arguing about how to correctly package apps and libraries that just don't work to start with. As a user, I don't care that the repository contains fuckteen different twitter clients. Could you just tell me the three that work? Oh wait, actually, this is open source, so could you tell me which one is th only one that kinda works?

Not only are you distracting me with having to try shit that doesn't work, you also are bewildering me with choices, most of which I don't care about, and most of which I have to spend time figuring out that I don't care about.

If you haven't seen this talk on the paradox of choice, go see it.

Everytime I use apt, I think I experience all the negatives that this guy talks about. 10 bazillion packages! Hurray! I don't even feel like trying to find one anymore.

I'm sure somebody is going to point out that on Ubuntu, that's why they separate main and universe and multiverse. Like main is supposed to be the good shit, and the rest of it is, like, whatever. Well you know what? If I stick to just the main repository on Ubuntu, then the whole thing sucks African gorilla cock. So don't go telling me that it's great because there's all these packages but then only 100 of them are actually useful. Because if you compare that set to what's available on a real desktop OS, it's just pathetic.

Please don't switch the Chromium PPA builds to 64bit on Ubuntu AMD64

The Chromium project recently made some noise about going 64 bit. I'm pretty sure that the Chromium PPA folks are going to switch to the x64 build for Ubuntu x64 as soon as they can.

Can I jus remind you that the Flash plugin for 64 bit is still alpha? and still crashes all the fucking time?

The greatest thing about the Chromium PPA is that its 32bit! I can actually use a stable flash build (though there are other issues), and it kinda mostly works. I can't say that for 64bit firefox and 64bit flash.

A lot of people have been using 32bit stuff for a long time. And especially in open source, that's the only way you know that something has a chance in hell of working.

Oh and BTW. Did anyone notice that Snow Leopard implemented browser plugins in separate processes? They pretty much made nspluginwrapper. Except it works, apparently.

So let's take stock. Yes, nspluginwrapper has been around for a long time. It's kind of a good idea and kinda works. Then Apple folks decided to do it, and it was done.

Sadly, so typical. The freetard line about, "oh open source is so flexible, it often implements new things first". Well you know what? When an idea is actually good, commercial companies still seem to be able to better implement these new things in less overall time.

Anyways, I think I've got a few more suggestions, but they'll have to wait.

Friday, August 28, 2009

No, it's not dead

It's just that all the new posts you want are actually in git.

Just too lazy to make a stable release.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The fail train that is Munich

Wow, nice link in the comments.

An entire blog dedicated to the failure that is the Munich Linux transition.

Hopefully the rest of Germany and Europe can learn from Munich's mistakes.

Why don't we all go over to this guy's blog and give him a nice warm hug.

Friday, June 12, 2009

To all you mono haters

Take that.

But seriuosly. Why don't we all just wait another 20 years until everyone forgets that C# came from Microsoft. Then can we use it? I'm sure by then, the real OS'es of the world will have moved onto something even more productive, and freetards will continue to re-discover everything all over again.

Oh, and btw. Gnote is the most retardonkulous project ever. Could you guys also port Banshee, Beagle and F-spot too? Fuck. Not only do you guys waste your time creating busted clones of proprietary software, now you're creating busted clones of free software too? Amazing.

Actually, I don't think my left buttcheek agrees with C++. Could we please get a port of Gnote to assembly code?

Oh wait, I think there's a lot of IP in intel x86 assembly. Hmm, how about then you port it to something that runs on the OGP card. That would be, like, totally awesome.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I feel like I've given this Lunduke fellow too much credit.

A challenge? really?

Let me point out a few things:
  1. You take yourself waaay too seriously. Imagine what a twat I'd look like if I went after every other person that talked shit about my blog. And just so you know, I don't fucking follow your blog OK? Some reader sent me the link to your video. He probably felt sorry for you.
  2. You clearly don't get the point of this blog.
  3. You also clearly don't get the point of me being anonymous. Do you really think I want freetards hassling me in my real life? I just want a place to voice my frustrations. It's all o'y'all that are having a hissy fit over it. Do you think I want dialogue? Think again lundude. I'm done trying to talk to freetards.
  4. Also, if you haven't noticed, freetards are notoriously terrible at separating an argument from the person making it. So why the fuck would I give them any opportunity to dismiss me just because of who I am or what I do for a living. 
  5. It's nice that you have nice balls. I still think I make better points. Also, I do it without wasting 30 minutes of peoples time by making them watch your inability to deal with xrandr.
If you want to make some points, why don't you write them on your lame blog. Then, if I feel so inclined, I'll write some stuff on my lame blog. We will make it impossible for our readers to follow. Isn't that how you freetards do it?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Poser Hater

What the fuck. This is the quality of presentations at LinuxFest NW?

First of all, you just took my posts and made them and to slides. Do you see anything that says G-P-fucking-L on this page? I didn’t think so.

Secondly, your talk is just straight up dumb. You have a bunch of the same, lame, and obvious ideas as everyone else. Donations for software that doesn’t exist yet? Telling freetards what to do? Uh huh. Keep trying.

Thirdly, nuh-vidia? OpenSuse build service is awesome because it saves on bandwith charges? Seriously. Your audience is more retarded than you are. Congratulations. I too, can make myself look smart by surrounding myself with a bunch of freetards.

Fourthly, does anyone at these open source conference know how to film a presentation? Seriously. I want to see the fucking slides. I don’t want to see your douchebag face for 30 minutes. It was more fun watching you try to get your external monitor working. In fact, your presentation would have been awesome if that’s all you did the whole time.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A tribute

It’s the end of an era, really.

As those of you who have nothing better to do than follow Linux news might have heard, Debian is switching to eglibc.

What’s eglibc you say? since nobody will say it in public, I will. It’s just glibc, sans jackass. The project says they’re trying to “maintain an open development environment encouraging broad, cooperative developer participation”, but those of you who have been around know exactly what this means.

F. U. D.

Yes, that’s right. Fuck Ulrich Drepper.

The Drepper’s public jackassery knows no limits. In fact, I could learn a thing or two from him. But you know, it’s really reassuring to know that for the last N years, the core library of the Linux desktop was maintained by the biggest douchebag of them all.

For the unitiated, go click that Debian link, and find all the referenced bugs. Let me summarize: Found a bug? expect a high probability of being responded to with:

“Fuck you”

“You don’t pay me”

“ARM sucks. Fuck ARM”

“You can’t be aksin me no questions. Who da fuck is you to be aksin me these questions?”

.. or all of the above, if you’re good. If you want more, try googling “Ulrich Drepper arrogant” for a nice sampling.

Anyways, the the Debian move signals an end to the Dreppster’s reign of terror. I will miss him, really. Thanks for holding glibc back for years man. It has certainly made writing this blog easier. You may be a decent programmer, but that’s definitely not what I’ll remember you for.

I can’t decide which is worse. Novell paying GregKH or Redhat paying Drepper. I hope they duel some day.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Can we do this guy a favor?

I dunno why this caught my eye, but it did.

Why don't we do this guy a favor and answer his question? Give yourself the warm fuzzies by preventing another tragedy.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Wile E Reality catches up to FreeRunner

Sweetness. Looks like the FreeRunner is finally dead.

I’d just like to take a moment, and lament about all the top notch features we could have had with a truly open source phone like the FreeRunner.

  • grep’ing through your address book using extended regular expressions
  • finger’ing your Fav Five
  • Having 10 different competing UI’s packaged by dozens of different distributions
  • Being able to ssh to your phone so that you can check it’s uptime
  • Using PGP to sign your SMS messages. Beware though, after the signature, you’ll only have 5 characters left to work with.
  • Sending people videos in ogg theora format
  • Losing data randomly with ext4
  • Unloading the kernel module for the asterisk button because I never use it
  • Changing your keypad to dvorak layout, where the most commonly used numbers are in the middle row
  • Using gkrellm to monitor your battery power, as it is slowly sucked away by gkrellm
  • More efficiently using your tiny screen with a tiling window manager
  • Running only free and open javascript
  • Warning users that their keypad lock password is not strong enough
  • E17, some day. No, really, someday.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Das Boot

Here's something silly. It seems like y'all are concentrating on boot times these days. Boot in 20 seconds! no, 15 seconds! no 10 seconds! But first, you need to answer me this question:

Why the fuck do I care?

Seriously, when's the last time I cold-booted my desktop? Uhh, a month ago? My laptop? ummm, three weeks ago? Oh, but I really wish I saved 10 seconds back then. I could have gotten a couple extra jerks in this month.

Or, is it that we're moving toward a Linux where the kernel updates every 30 minutes? So, if you want to stay on the train, then you better optimize your rebooting.

Those of you who still think boot time is important, go find your friend with a Mac. Ask them to show you how the desktop is back up even before they finish opening the lid. Ask them how many times a year they explicitly choose "Shutdown". Now multiply that by the number of seconds they could possibly save with a faster boot, and compare that total with the time they could save by not listening to your freetard come-ons.

The sad truth is, boot time hasn't mattered to most of the world's computer population in a long time. S3 sleep solved that problem. Perhaps this is Linux's totally awesome way of solving the same problem by ignoring existing technologies.

Think about your phone. When's the last time it booted? My blackbery takes minutes and minutes to boot, and yet nobody cares. Should RIM spend more time optimizing a process that happens maybe once every 6 months, or work on bettering their battery life, which affects me every day? Hmm, that's a toughie. Let me ask some freetards for some advice.

The only place where boot time kinda matters is for these bolted-on-the-side Linux firmwares like splashtop and such. But even then, who cares if I can get to a crippled desktop in 5 seconds when I could resume my suspended useful OS in just as much time?  Oh, but this is where Linux EXCELS. I mean, it's open source, so you can totally strip out all the features and BLOAT that you don't need, so that you can boot faster.

Hey guys, I have an OS that boots in like a nanosecond. It's called GRUB-OS. It even has a text editor, just hit "e". Pretty sweet huh?

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Driving me insane

You know what I see a lot lately? Some luser posting some comment somewhere saying something like:

Look how far Linux has come.. it used to be that we had no drivers and you had to really choose your hardware. Nowadays, most of the drivers are there out of the box. This is better than windows!

Another fantastic example of lusers in la-la land.

In case y’all haven’t noticed, the value that a real desktop OS provides is not just in the drivers. Actually, I’d go so far as to saying it’s mostly not in the drivers. Just take a look at the Mac. People are willing to pay oodles of money for that stuff and it has the fewest drivers of any major platform.

Drivers are only just the beginning. And actually, sometimes they’re the easiest part. There’s plenty of room for standard Linux fuck-up at higher layers. Audio, for example. Mostly working alsa drivers you have (and besides, mostly everything is hda-intel these days), but a userlevel piece to manage sound? PulseAudio? Yay!

But for some reason y’all like to focus on the drivers. You know why lusers do that? Because it just happens to be the problem that people notice first. Your install Linux on your machine, your hardware doesn’t fucking show up. That’s immediate fail. Maybe some day you’ll get to a place where your hardware does show up. But does that then instantly make Linux as good as Windows or OSX? Please.

I’m actually excited to see this train-wreck happen. Once y’all have drivers, the fight will move to the next layer up. And like I said, it’s a lot harder at that layer. At least hardware doesn’t change, and most of the time, drivers just expose hardware functions. But providing sane, stable API’s, utilities, configuration GUI’s, and access to those functions to 3rd party apps with high levels of integration? Well, if X and PulseAudio are any indication, lusers will be at this for a loooong time to come.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Just let it die, please

Don’t panic everyone! Apparently openSUSE is not dead yet.

Seriously though. I wish all SUSE’s would just die. SUSE was born a crack baby, and has grown up to be a crack smoking crack dealer. Even their stupid lizard looks like it’s cracked out. I bet the lizard is really just a vessel used for crack smuggling. Running their distro is more painful than trying to make a call on an OpenMoko. If I was convicted of murder, and the punishment was solitary confinement plus the use of a computer running SuSE, I’d just hang myself. And even worse, If I had to make the choice, I’d run Gentoo before I ran SuSE.

But don’t take it from just from me. Their own developers have a nice list of why you should not use SUSE. That’s some really great marketing work guys.

I don’t think Novell never really gave a shit about openSUSE. They just saw what Redhat did with Fedora, and openSUSE is just a poor “me too” attempt. You know, Linux is about community or something. So let’s just toss our POS distro over the wall, and see if some freetards pick it up. Because, like, that would be totally awesome. The community has infinite free resources, why don’t we harness some? It’s really easy. You just make a wiki page with really tiny fonts, stick an “open” in your name, and call it a day.

Now that money is tight, their true colors show. I don’t give a shit about what any open letter says. It’s the results that matter. And the results say that you guys are getting your breakfast, lunch, and dinner eaten by RHEL, Feodra, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian. Why don’t you guys just go spend your time porting your boring management software to distros that actually matter? or work on something that people want, like C#.

But whatever, if you want to port your crack-addled configuration system to yet another UI toolkit, be my guest. Now that Qt is LGPL, you can even port things back! Yay! For those of you that haven’t seen it, here’s the wonderful UI for picking package updates.


And to help you understand that, I’ve added in green, the path that your eye is supposed to take to make sense of things.


So far the only thing I’ve heard that openSUSE is good for is to do development for SLES, and only if you happen to be a poor Novell employee. Because folks tell me that you can’t actually do SLES development using SLES. Yay!

Oh, and we can also thank Novell and SuSE for giving money to jackasses like GregKH. Why is it that the FOSS world attracts so many jackasses? Something about, how I wrote this free software for free and for freedom, so if you do anything with it, I at least get to be a totally pain in your ass. Thanks Novell, for supporting people like GregKH. Why don’t you fund him for another month so he can write a whole new deck about why Ubuntu sucks. Because that makes openSUSE just seem that much better. And it’s like, totally awesome for Linux.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Platform of the Web

Sorry. Been busy. Not too much time to write right now, but thought I’d mention this if you haven’t seen it. Firefox on Wine outperforms native Firefox on Linux. That’s just awesome guys. What was that about having a lightweight platform that runs better on less resources?

I see a lot of drive-by commentards saying something like I’m spreading FUD on behalf of MS. The more I think about it, freetards do something similar. It’s not FUD, it’s the opposite. I’m going to call it COCK. Certainty, Optimism, Conviction, and KDE. Certainty, as in you guys are sooo sure that your OS is the shit, without knowing anything about how real people use real OSes. Optimism, as in y’all are blindly optimistic when it comes to the future of your evolving shitpile. Conviction, as in it’s a fucking religion and y’all go around trying to convert people. And KDE, well just cuz KDE sucks, and y’all try to spread it around to people who don’t care, don’t want it, and dont’ give a fuck.

So please, for the love of Linus, stop spreading COCK.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dear Abbie

If you hang out in the freetard swamp like I sometimes do, you might have heard the name Abbie Schubert. She’s an unfortunate student who drew the wrath of thousands of freetards when she blamed Ubuntu for causing her to drop out of school.

Let’s take a step back and examine this situation.

First off, Dell, YOU HAVE A FREETARD IN YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT. You just might want to do something about that. I suggest implementing an improved resume review process to make sure you weed them out.

Secondly, a general rule of selling computers: DON’T PUSH LINUX UNLESS YOUR CUSTOMER EXPLICITLY ASKS FOR IT.

And for good measure, ask: “Are you sure?”

Actually, try insulting their intelligence: “Are you fucking sure?”. If they still say yes, then, and only then, maybe you can sell it to them. I’d suggest a full background check. It’s in the interest of your company. You don’t want another incidient like this on your hands.

Thirdly, this episode once again shows how freetards are just out of touch with the demands of the general public.

Most people simply don’t know what Linux is. They don’t even know what an operating system is. If they’re slightly aware, they know there are two kinds of computers: PCs and Macs. They don’t know that they are essentially the same hardware with different software on top. They don’t fucking care. They use a CD provided by their ISP to get online. They use “Word” becuase that’s what everyone else uses. Word is Word. They don’t fucking care if there’s a sometimes-compatible-but-most-of-the-time-looks-like-ass equivalent in OpenOffice. They don’t give a shit about ODF or OOXML or how MS dicks people over a lot. They don’t want to care. They want to take their class and learn what they want to.

I feel sorry for you guys, really. All those little bits of frustration and anger that get built up everytime someone sends you a word document, or god forbid, a powerpoint with animations and video. It all gets piled up and unleashed on a poor unsuspecting soul, who, if anything, quite accurately represents the kinds of users that you can only dream about having.

Why don’t you guys just go back to your Slashdot circle-jerk and leave normal people alone. Your presence is not appreciated here in the real world.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

A River of Fail

A lot of you KDEtards seemed to have pissed your pants when Linus recently said that he switched to Gnome.  And then a bunch of other people showed up and tried to say what this says about KDE, or what it means for Gnome, and blah blah blah.

In actuality, this whole situation is just a culmination of one FAIL after another.

First, there was KDE itself. I won’t get into the fact that C++ still makes for a terrible desktop platform from the point of view of anyone who wants to deploy an app. But after a while, even the KDE folks managed to make some people happy, and then they iterated to make a few more happy. There was progress.

Then came KDE 4.0. I’ve already written about how messed up that release was. “Hey everyone! we’re calling it a .0* !”

* it’s not really a .0

Then there was Linus, who for some god forsaken reason uses Fedora. I would already claim FAIL here, but whatever, that’s his choice.

Then there’s KDE 4.0 in Fedora. Apparently, the Fedora folks didn’t get the note about how 4.0 isn’t really 4.0. Oh, but the best part is, there’s a nice little Wiki page that talks about Fedora’s plans to include KDE4 at the time.

What was the supposed “benefit to Fedora”?

KDE 4.0 will be released a few months before Fedora 9, and is already feature-frozen now, therefore we expect this to be a relatively low-risk upgrade (as low-risk as a move to a new major version with significant changes can be). We believe that it is necessary to make this move now to keep in line with Fedora's mission of showcasing leading-edge technology.

Sweet! a low-risk opportunity to showcase leading-edge brokenness. Sign me the fuck up!

Wait, there was a “Test Plan”?

KDE-based Fedora installations will need to be tested very carefully because of the major changes. Anything which doesn't use KDE shouldn't be affected and will thus need no or only minimal retesting.


So let’s summarize.

  • KDE fails for producing a release that nobody wants, and expects everyone to read the fine print after naming it what everyone else in the world would interpret as stable release intended for the masses.
  • Fedora fails for underestimating what it means to move to KDE4, and prioritizing shininess over workingness.
  • Linus fails for not knowing better. By definition, he’s been around the Linux scene the longest. He should have known.

The best part is, if you read Linus’ actual interview, it’s clear that the man doesn’t give a flying fuck about all this. As usual, it’s all the surrounding clueless freetards with unjustified notions of grandeur that have got their panties in a knot.

BTW, I don’t know whether to write another post about it, but I tried a KDE 4.2 liveCD, and it was another fantastic example of faildom. But hey, at least I could rotate my plasmoids. Using a calculator at 45 degrees is more fun then I ever imagined.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wobbly Compiz

Ah Compiz, the darling of the freetard community. How many users were led to carnal bliss by your wobbling windows? How many were not heard from for several weeks as they navigated the wild expanse known as the CompizConfig Settings Manager?

Oh what is that you say LWN, diligent summarizer of freetardery? You say compiz is dying? And in true open source fashion?

…the community has been affected by the withdrawal of Compiz project leader David Reveman. Reveman's departure, apparently made without any official announcement, has led to a lack of leadership, since no experienced Compiz developer appears willing to assume the role of community organizer.

All I have to say is:


Wasn’t this the project that was finally supposed to bring Linux ahead of the desktop OS pack? Don’t worry about shitty drivers or not being able to smoothly resize windows. This is hot shit man! I fuckin’ replaced by bedroom window with saran wrap so that, it too, could wobble.

C’mon guys. This is your star player, your poster child, the shining example of what OSS can accomplish, better and faster than those commercial companies, and you freetards can’t even keep that going. The rest of the article is depressingly typical, of course.. too few developers, too many branches, no leadership, bad code, blah blah blah blah.

But there’s a great little suggestion at the end:

But it may be that, now that the novelty of 3-D special effects have worn off, few reasons exist to develop them; the few practical effects, such as zooms, are too slight to encourage the majority to move away from standard 2-D desktops.

Wait, are you suggesting that a bunch of freetards got excited by a little bling, and went gung-ho on a new project, hyped it to the max (take that Microsoft and Apple!), without first thinking about whether they’re actually solving a user’s problem? Why, freetards would never do that… would they?

You guys need to wake the fuck up. No amount of wobbling is going to make a user switch to Linux and like it. I think they just might actually want working wireless and cool games, and fonts that don’t make you cry. But that’s just my hunch. Feel free to continue ignoring it.

And even if you’re going to keep working on this, why not try to do it in a way that doesn’t break shit that already worked? Like video? or OpenGL apps? I don’t care if a baboon wrote the drivers for my graphics card. It used to work. Now it doesn’t. FAIL.

Oh, and let me tell you a little secret: You can get wobbly windows on any platform, even Win95! Just browse to your favorite porn site, start a video, let your left hand do its thing (or your right, if you’re left-handed, of course), and at the same time drag a window around. If you don’t see it, just try harder. At the end, you might even get a cool Compiz-like liquid-on-your-screen effect.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

For fuck’s sake

Did y’all not learn anything? Was all that ranting and flaming for naught?

Looks like I managed to ruffle a few feathers, but it looks like bringing about real change is going to take a bit more effort.

I had to go because, well, I didn’t have time for this shit. But now I have a little, so I’m back like drobbins. I can’t spend as much time as I used to, but hopefully enough to make Obama happy that I responded to his call to action.

A lot has happened in the last three months. Much of it awful, most of it hilarious. I won’t go into much in this post. Instead, I’ll just link to a few articles that made me smile (a hateful smile, of course). I’m rich bitches!

Actually, I’m not. Well then, at least…

I’m famous bitches!

Oh wait, nobody knows who I am.