Thursday, April 30, 2009

Can we do this guy a favor?

I dunno why this caught my eye, but it did.

Why don't we do this guy a favor and answer his question? Give yourself the warm fuzzies by preventing another tragedy.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Wile E Reality catches up to FreeRunner

Sweetness. Looks like the FreeRunner is finally dead.

I’d just like to take a moment, and lament about all the top notch features we could have had with a truly open source phone like the FreeRunner.

  • grep’ing through your address book using extended regular expressions
  • finger’ing your Fav Five
  • Having 10 different competing UI’s packaged by dozens of different distributions
  • Being able to ssh to your phone so that you can check it’s uptime
  • Using PGP to sign your SMS messages. Beware though, after the signature, you’ll only have 5 characters left to work with.
  • Sending people videos in ogg theora format
  • Losing data randomly with ext4
  • Unloading the kernel module for the asterisk button because I never use it
  • Changing your keypad to dvorak layout, where the most commonly used numbers are in the middle row
  • Using gkrellm to monitor your battery power, as it is slowly sucked away by gkrellm
  • More efficiently using your tiny screen with a tiling window manager
  • Running only free and open javascript
  • Warning users that their keypad lock password is not strong enough
  • E17, some day. No, really, someday.