Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I feel like I've given this Lunduke fellow too much credit.

A challenge? really?

Let me point out a few things:
  1. You take yourself waaay too seriously. Imagine what a twat I'd look like if I went after every other person that talked shit about my blog. And just so you know, I don't fucking follow your blog OK? Some reader sent me the link to your video. He probably felt sorry for you.
  2. You clearly don't get the point of this blog.
  3. You also clearly don't get the point of me being anonymous. Do you really think I want freetards hassling me in my real life? I just want a place to voice my frustrations. It's all o'y'all that are having a hissy fit over it. Do you think I want dialogue? Think again lundude. I'm done trying to talk to freetards.
  4. Also, if you haven't noticed, freetards are notoriously terrible at separating an argument from the person making it. So why the fuck would I give them any opportunity to dismiss me just because of who I am or what I do for a living. 
  5. It's nice that you have nice balls. I still think I make better points. Also, I do it without wasting 30 minutes of peoples time by making them watch your inability to deal with xrandr.
If you want to make some points, why don't you write them on your lame blog. Then, if I feel so inclined, I'll write some stuff on my lame blog. We will make it impossible for our readers to follow. Isn't that how you freetards do it?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Poser Hater


What the fuck. This is the quality of presentations at LinuxFest NW?

First of all, you just took my posts and made them and to slides. Do you see anything that says G-P-fucking-L on this page? I didn’t think so.

Secondly, your talk is just straight up dumb. You have a bunch of the same, lame, and obvious ideas as everyone else. Donations for software that doesn’t exist yet? Telling freetards what to do? Uh huh. Keep trying.

Thirdly, nuh-vidia? OpenSuse build service is awesome because it saves on bandwith charges? Seriously. Your audience is more retarded than you are. Congratulations. I too, can make myself look smart by surrounding myself with a bunch of freetards.

Fourthly, does anyone at these open source conference know how to film a presentation? Seriously. I want to see the fucking slides. I don’t want to see your douchebag face for 30 minutes. It was more fun watching you try to get your external monitor working. In fact, your presentation would have been awesome if that’s all you did the whole time.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A tribute

It’s the end of an era, really.

As those of you who have nothing better to do than follow Linux news might have heard, Debian is switching to eglibc.

What’s eglibc you say? since nobody will say it in public, I will. It’s just glibc, sans jackass. The project says they’re trying to “maintain an open development environment encouraging broad, cooperative developer participation”, but those of you who have been around know exactly what this means.

F. U. D.

Yes, that’s right. Fuck Ulrich Drepper.

The Drepper’s public jackassery knows no limits. In fact, I could learn a thing or two from him. But you know, it’s really reassuring to know that for the last N years, the core library of the Linux desktop was maintained by the biggest douchebag of them all.

For the unitiated, go click that Debian link, and find all the referenced bugs. Let me summarize: Found a bug? expect a high probability of being responded to with:

“Fuck you”

“You don’t pay me”

“ARM sucks. Fuck ARM”

“You can’t be aksin me no questions. Who da fuck is you to be aksin me these questions?”

.. or all of the above, if you’re good. If you want more, try googling “Ulrich Drepper arrogant” for a nice sampling.

Anyways, the the Debian move signals an end to the Dreppster’s reign of terror. I will miss him, really. Thanks for holding glibc back for years man. It has certainly made writing this blog easier. You may be a decent programmer, but that’s definitely not what I’ll remember you for.

I can’t decide which is worse. Novell paying GregKH or Redhat paying Drepper. I hope they duel some day.